World Healthcare Services –WHS officially starts communication consultancy and trading of preventive medicine in Vietnam and abroad.

In order to supply to community quality medical products with clear origin, World Healthcare Services - WHS has officially cooperated with leading manufacturers of medical masks, gloves and other medical equipments to gain access to the global market.

The Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic pushed humanity into a huge medical crisis. When the pandemic broke out, demand for medical products skyrocketed, leading to a serious scarcity. In addition, people took advantage of high demand to produce poor quality medical products with unclear origins, causing distrust and harm to public health.

As this pandemic get complicated, with no signs of stopping, many of us suddenly realize that there is no crisis as devastating as a medical one, and nothing is more valuable than health. There are diseases that money can’t cure and our lives can be at stake.

For long, World Healthcare Service Co., Ltd (WHS). has been in cooperation with leading medical equipment (masks, gloves, medical equipment, hand sanitizers...) manufacturers in Vietnam. WHS can be a bridge to connect local and abroad supply and demand for these products. At the same time, WHS is also in negotiation to supply quality medical products for Vietnam market.

The desire to build a healthy community is my ideal when I founded WHS, through carefully selected quality products, we hope that we can help everyone. The best choices to actively prevent disease. From that to create and build society as well as the economy more and more developed – Mrs.World Helen Nguyen - Founder of WHS

Mrs.World Helen Nguyen - Founder of WHS

Thái An Infrastructure Investment Joint – Stock Company

As an experienced and reputable enterprise in investment, manufacture and trading, Thai An has focused on producing essential medical products, contributing to the fight against Covid-19.

Thai An's main products are medical gloves, masks with advanced production line, high quality materials certified by FDA and CE.


L.Q Joton Joint Stock Company

L.Q JOTON JSC, a member of L.Q JOTON GROUP. Joton has a quality  management system meeting ISO 9001: 2015 standards and the laboratory conforming to  ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Standard and Rules of Viet Nam Register, Products quality are controlled from the  beginning to the end of the production process by advanced measuring devices and  according to strict regulations of products quality. With skilled staffs,  workers and professional managers, Joton have produced and brought to customers the  products diversified and quality


SHBLIGHTING Trading Company Limited

Putting the principle of product quality to the fore, SHBLIGHTING Trading Co., Ltd. constantly improves its product standards with high quality and modern equipment. SHB's medical mask products have been certified to ISO 13485: 2016 by the ISOCERT International Accreditation and Certification Organization.

With a strong and professional communication system: App, Website, Fanpage... WHS will continuously provide useful information for the community and connect prestigious brands in medical supplies. News are updated daily on social channels in ​​English and Vietnamese, helping people easily access to information.

Besides, WHS also owns Good Life Community, a network with reputable medical experts as advisers: People's Physician, Associated Professor - Doctor in Preventive Medicine Dinh Kim Xuyen - Professional Advisor of WHS Startup - Former Chairman of Vietnam National Disease Control Program - Director of Institute for Clinical Research and Support for Vaccines and Medical Biologicals of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA); People's Teacher - Professor - Doctor Le Quy Phuong - President of Vietnam Sports Science Association; Dr. Ly Thi Mai - Psychologist - Director of Ho Chi Minh City Applied Psychology Company; Master of Arts - Designer Le Si Hoang - Founder of Ao Dai Museum - Ambassador of WHS Startup… Good Life Community always share useful and practical medical information to help everyone proactively prevent diseases and protect themselves and the community.

Please contact us via Hotline: +84 916 350 072